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October 10, 2008


– To achieve have goals, to be happy have wishes
– Consistency is what mind seeks, freedom from it is what heart desires
– God begins where self ends
– The more you say, less you are understood
– Truth is never understood if it needs to be spoken
– Your truth is someone else’ lie
– Life gets complicated when your actions have more implications then you want
– The destiny is to die, the karma is to choose how
– I come to meet you because it makes you happy. You meet because it makes sense and fills your time
– The kid is self centered, thinking man has false pride and sense of superiority
– Writers can be,
– person who is not rooted thus looks at everything hoping to find a root, a cause, a feeling to live   for. When he is disappointed, he writes a story about it.
– an observant and laidback fellow, who takes an external view of things and looks at humans as part of a larger flow
– an empathetic fellow, who thinks feelings decide the world and events. Once the assumptions are proved to be wrong, he looks back and misses the moments and writes about it with nostalgia
– an intelligent and inquisitive fellow who produces commentary on events.  – a very sensitive and non-judgemental fellow who writes dilemma and emotions of people as they see it
– Look at logic from the prism of life, not at life from the hole of logic
– God’s work ethic: Bad we do immediately, worse may take a little time, good is out of stock
– Success is about being there when it comes looking for you.
– A woman finds a man, a man finds himself.
– In the God’s framework everything has a purpose. If you don’t know your purpose then may be that is how it is supposed to be
– The deal between the God and the man is; You know your will, I know mine.
– Find a purpose in your life. God will find one in your death.
– Lose urself in the clutter of the world to find urself in the void inside
– To think and live or to live and think
– Quest of intelligent person ends when he realizes that no one can answer what he himself can not
– And then he came to know so much about himself that he forgot himself in the clutter
– It is in your actions where one is truly recognized for they are outcome of all that you are at that moment
– No feeling is permanent, including that of permaneance
– Life is never an issues, questions about it are
– Don’t respect the system that doesn’t respect you
– Its good to be romantic, better to be practical
– Can you lose your mind for the love of others?
– You get the leaders you deserve
– If you are too clever with others, you will end up fooling yourself
– I need a perspective of mine to deal with other’s perspectives.
– If you dig your heels too deep before start, chances are you never will run
– When your God will face you and ask, how many mistakes did you make? Hw would be disappointed if you didn’t any. What will I do if you don’t make these?’ he would say
– When you jump, look at the sky you want to touch not the ground you may fall upon. When you fall, listen to your pain not think about the height you fell from
– In the bigger scheme of things, nothing is important.
– Those who have to do, do, others find reasons to not do
– There is never good enough reason to do something you don’t want to do
– Reason is a device of mind to prevent itself from following itself
– One can’t be everything, so he becomes something. Once you become something, there are too many things you can’t become
– When reality has no space for you and dreams have no reality, its time to live your nightmares.
– If you want to follow your dream then be practical enough to not listen to practicality
– Fun is in getting a success which is not planned.  A planned success dies under the weight of continuous expectation.
– There is no fun in solitude, there is so much pain in other’s company
– Sometimes being urself means not being the best you can be, but being what you would much rather be
– Occurrence of right thought is like meeting God. They both come at their own wish, while we waste out time in praying for them to happen
– Following yourself may not have any rewards but ignoring yourself sure has punishments
– Finding yourself is great fun but you may not find much at the end of the search
– Self love is best love and love has a power to destroy you
– Great stories are written after great mis-adventures
– Would you be able to value something if you found it just like that? Would you value something just because you found it after lot of rigour?
– The moment you begin to like your thoughts, you will dish out mediocre ones
– Continuous peace of mind is an elusive concept. It will cede the moment you will think you have it. You can know you had it only when you have lost it
– You want to win or you don’t want to lose?
– If you think there is something wrong with you then that’s your first mistake
– Don’t doubt yourself, others will do that job far more efficiently
– If you doubt your intentions but believe in your thoughts then it would be a long journey before the two get in-sync
– Seeing everyone’s perspective will make you lose your own.
– Catch life where it stands and take it where you want to
– Life and drama are not too different just that in life movie can get switched in-between, from commercial to art and vice-versa
– Not everyone is wise enough to stop being intelligent
– Problem is using mind is you have to continue using it
– Mind is a device which you can not repair if it starts to malfunction
– Show people they are dumb, chances are they would say, you are intelligent
– Intuition can reach where thinking can not.
– Thinking resulting in action is good thinking
– To know yourself is to destroy yourself
– The constant evaluation of whether we have done the best with our life ruins it of whatever we have done with it
– Some thoughts are so powerful that they can overpower your life out of yourself
– Beware of thoughts, they may stick to you
– To know is to fool yourself of knowledge
– In retrospect, any unlikely event will always have a likely reason
– Some people know where they want to go, some know where they don’t
– What is to happen, will happen despite your best efforts and blame will still be on you.
– When you don’t have a mind of your own, go with the flow
– Some people create situation as per their mind, other make up their mind as per the situation
– Accept your mind even if it doesn’t show you the right path
– I know myself, its not worth knowing
– If you don’t make the timely choices, it will be made for you by time
– Story is a personal account of an impersonal event
– You have a duty towards yourself and like all duties they are a thankless job
– If you are good at heart, strangers would help you and you will need it very often at the hand of those you know
– Some take the easier route and use faith for justification. Others take the tough one to meet their God. Ofcourse, you have to die to meet your God.
– Best time to do anything is right now
– Those who have to do, do, others just talk.
– Time will test all your theories, and prove you wrong
– When you are okay with life, it doesn’t matter how you look at it
– Today’s Dreams are tomorrow’s nightmares
– People ask you for a definitive statement, when you least have it
– It is not so much about how you feel but about how you feel about feeling that way. Are you okay with yourself, in whatever way you see yourself?
– I hate people who love tragedies
– First you believe you are special and act on it, then you realize what an idiot you have been. Then you become special not because you are but because you believed you are.
– Defining a problem too closely, will make that itself a bigger problem
– You wont know how to open my heart, once I decide to close it
– When you go with the flow, someday flow stops and so do you. If you go with yourself, someday flow is opposite to you and you crash
– Irrespective of the road you choose, you may reach a place you didn’t want to be
– Problem with intelligence is, it knows what true, it does not know what else are also true
– I believe in God, but the question is does he believe in me
– I know there is God somewhere, he exists, but I doubt he realizes that I exist too
– I do what I do because I have to do what I do
I dont value views which dont lead to action
– You become the choices you make
– Sleeping with my love…i love myself
– Happiness is a nature to child, habit to grown up and a choice to the old
– Dont bother if its not bothering you
– If its a suggestion, dont do it. If its an order, you wont be able to say no
– crazy ideas get crazy results
– problem with the world is that it focuses on sounding right rather than being right
– Judge me by what I do not what I say
– In the middle of a journey, there is no destination, without a sense of destination there is no journey too, there is mere floundering. Then there are steps, in some direction, any direction, and thus there begins a journey, again
– Consolation prizes are not really prizes. They are tokens for remembering the loss
– Success has no alternative. Failure has no respite. Irrespective of how hard you tried, you would always say, I could have done more, I should have done more.
– Price of innocence is its eventual loss
– Your actions in life are your preparation for your death
– One can remain lost in his thoughts or get lost in the world
– Do first things that you want to do the last
– truth is a lie
– What we call truth, is merely an explanation
– I want this so I do this vs. I do this so may be I want this; first is a choice, second is not.
– There are no reality in life, there are only situations
– There are many ways to understand life. None is worth it
– If you are so full of yourself then where will be the place for me?
– उम्मीद छोड़ सकते हो, पर उम्मीद का दामन नहीं
– In the face of failure, be stubborn. In anticipation of success, be humble. Your failure needs you, your success doesnt.
– I never cry. So that when laughter comes, it feels like the only emotion possible
– friendship has many levels; of benefit, of convenience and of habit. There is probably of a fourth kind, that of nature. But it is rarely found in nature
– Give up on what you love most. You shall get what would love you more
– All I know is that I know very little
– Ordinary men have extraordinary lives
– Dont bother if you feel I pity you. Whosoever I pity, I soon become like.
– a rolling stone gathers no moss, but it acquires a certain polish (not mine. heard from a dear Sir)
– A flawed idealist is better than a fake realist
– Till proven wrong, I am right. By the time its proven wrong, it will be too late to be right. So there is no scope for right
– ‘Great life’ is an idea. Great to have till you have it. Miserable that you had, once you have lost it
– Questions do not get answered. They become irrelevant
– If you like me, I am yours. If you love me, I am you. If we live togethers, there is no I and you.
– Being foolish is not same as being a fool
– It is not the world that I need to sort, it is rather I. Entangled in the web of strings, it is futile to unravel the strings, disentangle yourself, let the strings be
– To feel worthwhile, you may have to journey through worthlessness
– In shunya, everything appears to be yours
– I push myself ahead, ahead lies a ditch. I fall in it
– don’t plan happiness, don’t plan life
– Way to a worthwhile moment goes through many a worthless ones
– ज़िन्दगी बदलने के लिए लड़ना पड़ता है
आसान करने के लिए समझना पड़ता है
– Those who wish the best shall be given, but not before handing over the worst, to make them deserve it
– Life is not a choice we make, but a destiny we accept
– Our sense of morality emanates from our sense of guilt
– faith may not get the impossible but will definitely push the limits of possible
– We never lose as much as we do in our quest to win what is not to be
– Power lies within, the switch outside
– The need to do good emanates from our need to not be judged when we end up bad
– Those who know, know that they know nothing
– Those who do not know what they want to do, end up doing a lot many things
– Life is a disease, work is its ablution. Love is its aspirin pain-killer
– Courage may not get you the impossible, but it would definitely push the limits of possible
– Let tomorrow bring home the disappointments. I am busy creating a momentous and monstrous today
– Believe you will live for thousand years. Know it may end tomorrow
– It is better to not be understood, than be misunderstood
– I have no intention of being a great person. Being good is good enough
– It’s not possible to forget oneself in the company of others
– A contrarian mind doesnt make you a contrarian
– We look for a moral grounding to do what we consider immoral
– Just because you can knit a sweater out of wool, dont make me believe you can make an umbrella out of it too
– Walking with faith is like walking under the sky. Reason is moving ahead with a torch
– Sometimes the only thing you want to be is, anything other than yourself
– Those who want respect, know they do not deserve to be loved
– Dont search happiness. Search happily
– I looked for a way to live, till I decided to live whatever way
– Dont compare me to anyone, including myself. Others are too small a benchmark, I am far too high…
– In trying to save myself from hurt, I ended up having a severe headache
– Everything can be contradicted, for all arguments are based on a certain assumptons
– Learn something from my life. else you will become like me
– Learn something from my life. I am not able to anything from it
– Logic is a good adviser, bad guide, poor friend
– It is better to be lost than to be on a way you know is not right
– Life is neither worth it nor not worth it. Effort is.
– You listen what you want to hear, learn what you need to know, receive what you are ready to grasp
– On a journey, one can never be truly ready for every thing waiting to happen
– Thinking is not knowing, knowing is not understanding, understanding is not accepting
– When understanding begins to look obvious, its a sign you have accepted it
– honesty is last refuse of scoundrels
– Embrace the worst of you
– I always wish to be some place else, to be with somebody else
– Some live, some dream. Some dream to live
– Suffering doesnt make one creative. It is the creativity that would make you suffer.
– Values are to make you feel proud of your sufferings
– A true artist shall be able to transcend the limitations of its medium. It shall be able to use the medium to express what the medium is otherwise unable to.
– Suffering doesnt make you creative. It is your creativity that makes you suffer
– There is a sane life, there is an absurd one. There is a serious one and there is a frivolous one. We cover ourselves with one part, letting other rustle below. You wear sane, I feel sane wearing absurd, and absurd wearing sane.
– Writing brings peace. Writing providing anchorage. But more importantly it brings understanding when it moves a partially understood memory and brings forth what makes the picture fuller
– The moment after a piece of writing has brought forth what had been hidden, is a moment of quite inward reflection, of surrender, of being open to the presence as what had been moving within begins settling down in more harmony, understanding and peace. Like a gentle stream finding its way in the gentlest of manner
– Wandering could be dear to a writer for it frees his mind from the thoughts constantly occupying him. It provides him an external and not already understood stimuli, opening him to new vistas, thoughts and consciousness. So does spontaneity. So does abrupt action. So does what is often seen as self-destructive action. Like paulo Colho mentioned burning his own library once. In the end it is all about settling things in. Settling by understanding and accepting them, settling by removing their presence altogether from around you
– if my good thoughts dont become real, why shall the bad ones be?
– The real punishment is the punishment of your own conscience. If it doesnt bother you, then it doesnt matter
– Strong convications will leave you with difficult choices. Weak convications will land you in uncomfortable situations
– Everything has a benefit, including sin. It makes you more empathetic towards those who sinned against you.
– In a perfect relationship there is no sense of give and take. It looks like spontaneous convenience for both sides.
– Truth is a lie we have convinced ourselves with
– Bad decisions do not lead you to the right decisions. Some decisions just happen to prove right
– ‘Resignation to fate’ is a trait. You can not choose to be one. You either are or it is imposed upon you.
– I am not the storyteller. I am the story
– You can not understand me. Unless you are also someone who can not be understood.
– I am a man of reason. well sometimes. But I am not a man of logic.
– There is always a reason when you do something. Even if the reason is unreasonable
– If you are not a fool. You can not be my friend
– Never help someone in trouble. They would latch onto you. Then you will have trouble leaving them
– Never lend money to someone who doesn’t have it. There is a reason why he doesn’t have it. He would never have it enough to return
– A storyteller is more focused on evoking the right response. He is narrating the story. A writer’s focus is to describe and etch out a scene, character and be true to it
– Value nothing in life. It will make you miss it all the time.
– Nothing is destined. But everything happens out of destiny
– Happiness is absence of analytical and judgmental mind.
– I wasn’t meant to live a dream. I was to dream.