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September 21, 2010

Baba Ramdev and Ms. Celina jaitley

There are two kind of people. One is Baba ramdev. Other is Celina Jaitley. One you learn to admire, other you can’t help liking. But in the tussle between the two, whom would you favor. Babaji or babyji? Babaji is pioneer of Yoga and became instrumental in making it a household thing. Who does not know babaji’s alom vilom. If you just get up early enough someday to visit the local park, you may find a group of oldies, sitting together and puffing air out of their dilapidating lungs while closing one side of their nose. Everyone wants to live. But to enthuse life energy and turn it into an action? Thats no mean deal. And that is what Babaji has done. What he has also done is gone ahead and attacked on modern day woman image. In a way by comparing Ms. Celina jaitley of lovely legs to a call girl. Whose side do you take? Just because Babaji is doing a big cause, does it give him right to indignify someone? And Ms. Celina sexy legs also is doing something for a cause, of gay and lesbian rights. Okay, it also looks like a fad and is a modern day lifestyle cause, but so what?? It is a cause non-the-less. Just because it does not ring a bell with us doesnt mean it is a mean cause!

The twist is as follows. There are several issues and they exist on different levels. Levels in the sense that their urgency, their impact on human life, both in terms of scale and intensity. What Babaji is doing is working for a cause which is larger, long lasting and connects to a much wider set of people. What Celina is doing is a cause for a limited set of people, and it is about someone being able to live life as per their desires and needs while the other is someone just being able to live at all!!! In a country and world where people are dying for lack of food and basic water, putting your energy for a cause which focusses on people being able to express themselves completely and living with utmost freedom, probably doesnt warranty as much attention. Do it by all means if you want to do it, but do not expect the society to react to it, do not act resentful and try to take a high moral stand if you dont get enough support. Because there are much more pressing and larger issue on hand. We will come to you when we free from these. But I may never get free! Well then keep fighting, till I hear you. But you will need to knock knock hard. Why? because that is the deal. That is what flagging an issue requires. Either it resonates on ts own or you make the deaf hear. I am deaf, make me hear.

Further, it is also about commitment of the individual. Though the two figures are not comparable, not at all but let us still do it. It is always fun to run down bimbos. Babaji is devoting his life, energy and all he has for the cause. It is anot an easy cause to strive for. Today he may have created a stage for himself, where things flow to him. But it was anot always so. Certainly not. While what does it take for Ms Celina to fight for the gay cause? Write a couple of article here and there, get inited to functions, give your written over speech, get claps and come back to your well done house and go for  aparty or whatever. Basically it doesnt take much at all. And it flows well with the modern woman image. Afterall gay rights is to some level a lifestyle cause. There is a lot os lure in raising a cause which is unconventional and which can immediately show a liberal thinking. Which is fine. But the differentiator shall be what are you losing for it? Do you donate part of your life which you could have spent doing something more benefitial to you otherwise? Do you part with something dear to you for the cause? Does it bring you something that you would much rather not be? Or does it bring you things which you seek anyway? Publicity anyone? She may have nobler intentions but one can appreciate them only when they are menifested through actions. If she parts a large sum of her hard earned money for the cause, I would appreciate what she is doing. I may still say she is just seeking more publicity, but what the hell. Who am I? She just threw the money. It is for that reason I admire and appreciate Menaka Gandhi. he cause may not be something which shall top our list of concerns but she has given the cause a dignity by not making it just another fad. She has given it something of her. her life, her time, her money and her devotion. She has made the cause worthy of taking notice.

So you see what am I trying to say and which side of tide I sit and why. But ofcourse, all this can change if Ms. gay rights comes and decides to turn me into one. Afterall once I had said to a friend of mine, that the world would be a lot more easier place to live if all girls looked the same and preferably like Celina. No hurt, no hearbreaks. They all look the same and look rather well. No need to choose!