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April 6, 2011

In the fog…

i searched for you
in all the right places
amidst the pretty faces
into the solemn eyes
between the parting of the hips
mounted over a pair of thin legs

i saw your as the seed
of the vortex of my yearning
in the misty lands
somewhere in the dreamy terrains
terrains which do not exist
not quite like the way i dream
for in my dreams the mist never clears
for in my dreams you are always there
looking beyond the road across the hills
turning your neck just a little
as I come out of the cover of the fog
having travelled across the time
knowing that you await me
just as I looked for you
never finding you but knowing
there is a bead at the end of the thread
i sit beside you, looking ahead, feeling
that we are looking at the same thing
not that misty spot somewhere in the middle
nor at the lights from the huts far away
but inside of us at the end of the thread
wherein we have found our bead
and as we feel it between our fingers
comes forth what we always knew we cherish
but never felt ready enough to say
love, let us go home

the bead closed in our fists
our faces turned grim
and we walked away to our homes
i in my share of the fog
and you lost behind yours
i shed my share of tears
may be you did yours

we lay in our beds
i looking at the roof
beyond which i know is twinkling sky
for a moment i let myself wander
you may also be watching the same shining sky
i twirl the bead inside my fists
and i sleep taking a turn onto my side
knowing well now
you would have slept onto the other side