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March 21, 2011


there is no set path to reach me
and there certainly are no rules
leave all the pathway and roam stray
there is a random chance you may bump into me

i have no destiny, that has forsaken me
i dont recall any past, i have left that past
i cant find my present for i am so lost
fine me and if you do, let me know for i am so lost

I flew last night to cuckoo’s nest for sleepover and stay
we drove over to some place nice to have a light brunch and all
cuckoo let me sleep on her bed and slept on her sofa instead
i was so disappointed for cuckoo could have slept with me instead

not that i like cuckoo all that much neither does she like me
but it is fine for two people to find each other when I cant fine me
but it didnt happen, there was no finding, there was just sleeping
in the morning i drove down the road watching many lost people
a bus bumped into my car and broke through its doors
i didn’t move, just kept driving for i was so lost

you move so well you move so fast when you are so lost
I dunno what will I do when I am not so lost
for it has never been easier to live on then when I am so lost
if i could do, i would rather do, do nothing and be forever lost