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October 4, 2008

A Wondeful Lie

(It was written as a Post on Juice Notice Board – Official trash box at IIMA)

It all started the day I was born ..
Yes it all started right there..
A fakir passing by glanced upon me,
and remarked “Iska Kuchh Kho gaya Hai”
So I was named “Khoya”…
and since then..
“main kabhi chain se nahin soya”

With the passage of time
I grew to find that I am to find something
that destiny has taken something from me
and hid it in some treasure for me to explore
to find the metal from the ore
to find the truth out of fake galore
I got enrolled into school
and on very first day I lost my tiffin box ..
and my cute teacher remarked
“Beta ( :(((( ) , kya hua …
u r looking worried ..
and the little idiot girl next to me said
“Iska Kuchh kho gaya hai” !!!

As I kept bumping from one class to another
I kept losing some or more of one or more things
kabhi marks , kabhi socks ,
kabhi key “to” kabhi locks
I kept my search on from rocks to rocks!!

amidst all this chaos ,
my only solace
was the movie “Ram aur Shyaam”..
the original khoya-paya movie ..
I watched it once,twice,thrice till power failed
and formulated a theory
“Whatever is lost must be found”
thus lost = found
how does that sound ..?????

Soon I moved to college from school
and found myself amidst several beautiful “phools”
and I plucked a bud which colored red
and proposed to girl under the shed
and my friends remarked
“Iska kuchh kho gaya hai” (“Dil” / Character)
the journey continued and in the rubble
I kept losing something of me…
till I lost it all..
yes one fine day I found I have lost my vision
my reason for existence ..
my search ..
what was it that the fakir has said
what was it that kept happening to me..
I forgot it all and time skipped a few “saal”

a vision lost is a man lost..
and so was I as if sun in a deep frost ..
i was to be this way forever..
till some thing happened to me..
walking along the aisle of @@@ by the corner of my eye,
with a smile ever so shy ..
I saw..I saw..I saw..reason of all why..

I saw U..
and I knew..
why I kept losing a little of me every day
why..why..I felt its all worth it..
for u were embodied with all that I had lost ..
the childhood charm,
the teen enthusiasm ..
the coy smile..
like serene river of nile ..
it was all there and more
like a manicured pile ..
And I stood there for a long while ..
and standing I still am..
to bring to end this destiny’s game ..
as i declare.. @@@@@@ ,
u r the one !!!!

October 4, 2008


across the sea…
in the blue end be
a little solace …
in a lonely place
with trees so dark
with glowing bark ..
leaves which glisten
as I listen
sounds of heart
pounding so fast
as I cross
roads so crass
leading to an end
then having a bend
as I walk
the lonely path
I shun the world
purge the mind
drew the blind
as I kneel
over the pond
and plucked some water
between my plams
and in it were you
looking at me .

i turned behind
only to find
a distant hill
beyond the chill …
and i rushed
with all my might
having the distant
knoll in sight
trees cried
so did the sea
dont go, dont go
o wanderer knight
but possessed I was
with your only sight
i jumped the tree
and crossed the sea
only to find
everything but thee
and i sat
gasping for breath
as I longed
a little solace
in a lonely place ……

October 4, 2008

Grave of a stranger I knew so well…

I thot I knew him,
that he is all that
and nothing more
and he is perfect
and that little
impishness of his
makes him even
more endearing
that he doesnt care
what happens to him
nor of what happens
to one he knows
or to ones who know him

I thot he wont change
i thot he is perennial
i wondered why
is he like
what he is
bcoz he is supposed
to be like that
and the little imp
smiled so wickedly
and friend
i just wanna be
this way coz
its the only way..!!

and one day
when we visited
a graveyard having
a fresh grave
he stopped by
and wondered
why it so very fits
his size
and suddenly all
his impishness
drained out of him
he looked at me
with never before
as i looked at him
confused, surprised
is it the same face
i have seen so
many times
and wondered..
and i was wondering
even more right now
as he said..friend
everything happens
with a purpose
and so is this grave
and he slipped into it
slowly his knees
touched the ground
and then his hands
as his head bowed
so did two set of tears

these tears are for u
for I lied to you
all the time
i was what i was
not bcoz thats
the only way
but the easy way,
i cudnt face
the reality
that i so very
hated myself
but i persisted
for i cud not bear
u knowing of it
so i thot i was
fooling u
but inturn
i was escaping me
and now its all over
and two more set
of blood was shed
and this is for myself
for the me which
cud never cum out
who is going to die
today with me
without getting born
and am not sad for me
for i have lived
my life but for him
for he will never know
what he has missed
and he spread all over
the grave, as wind blew
and shrouded it with earth…..

October 4, 2008


the burning fire
Its all till it is there
its warm,
its blazing
its flames surps up
consumes whatever is thrown into it
makes place
for what it cant consume
keeps adjusting,
keeps expanding
natures’s forces,
wind, temperature
give it shape
make it to change
and it changes
but keeps burning
people, flock it
relish on it,
its warmth, its light
praise it, envy it,
and it responds,
its flame surps up
and then comes the moment of realization
the nightingale coos from the dark,
and the owl nods in yes
squirrel comes out of its tiny warm home
peeps over dwindling fire
sheds a tear or two
goes to its room
and kisses its two
small buddies lightly on cheek
they smile and say
whats the matter mom
nothing my dear, says she
wipes the tear
and slips into bed
knowing that the fire
down the tree, its home
has now turned into amber
the people flocking it have gone
and so have the ever surping flames
so, in the morning
when children get up
they will miss the heat
and will say
o! the great burning fire
who warmed us in winter
you turned to amber
we didn’t know
we are so sorry
please forgive us
for it was mom!
o! loving mom!
who didn’t tell us;
Now, you have turned to ashes,your memories;
but we remember you
and miss you
we didn’t tell you
but we love you
then came a gust of wind
and the ashes,
the memories
were swept away
it spread over a field
looking to the heaven..!!
some angel passing by
heard the two squirrels crying
and said,
o! flame of light
o! flame of heat
ashen you might have been
forgotten you might have been
but died, you have not,
for the deeds of yours
I give you one full point,
and the field you got spread over
I bless it with life,
soon the paddy will grow it over
and you will live in the memoir
I wanted to do some more
but oh! how sorry I am,
I can’t make you alive
o! how sorry I am,
for it is out of my power
and oh!
and he broke in tears;
and then, there was GOD,
watching the flame
hearing the squirrel
listening to angel;
he smiled and said
o! my angel
how sorry I am!
how cruel of me!
for it was me
who made you bound;
who made squirrel cry;
who made the fire ashen;
but oh! what I can do
for it is to happen;
squirrel can’t change it,
nor can you
and what to say more,
even I can’t do,
for it is the way,
the mystery of world goes,
which they call,
Life! Life! Life!

October 4, 2008

कुछ नया बनाना चाहता हूँ…

एक नया गीत गाना चाहता हूँ
कुछ नया बनाना चाहता हूँ
जो जीवन ने खींच दी हैं
मैं हर वो लकीर मिटाना चाहता हूँ

तन थका हुआ है, काया मैली
मन पर एक बोझिल शाम है फैली
रात से भी कुछ दूर चले जो
वो स्वप्न सजाना चाहता हूँ
कुछ नया बनाना चाहता हूँ

बंधा हुआ हूँ, दास नहीं हूँ
सिसके, रह जाये, वो आस नहीं हूँ
भभके, बुझ जाये, वो आग नहीं हूँ
लेकिन फिर भी चुप हूँ क्योंकि
आम हूँ मैं कुछ ख़ास नहीं हूँ…

October 4, 2008

Want to write a poem

I want to write a poem today
I want to strum a guitar,
I want to here the temple bells
I want to listen you play the sitar

do I talk about the moon
how I played with its kids all night
or of the people I am fond of
of the memories I am slave to

I want to tell you what I feel
I want you to know what I think
I want to write this poem for you
but where are you when I look for you

I can fill it in with all those words
which I know but really dont mean
I can say all the phoney things
but I want to write a peom not a rhyme