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January 24, 2014

they think I am a great guy
but I am just another fucked up guy
the guy who pisses upside down
the guy who drinks water lying down
ya, ya, yep yep, you got it right
mate, you too are another fucked up guy

lets meet friend, lets become buddy
we will make a club together
you will be president and i shall be treasury
membership shall be free and you can leave anytime
for fucked up guys know it not
once u r fucked there is no going down
you are fucked up for the rest of your life
that you know it not keeps you fucked up alright
we all shall gather near the sea
we will take our pledge while we all pea

open ur shirt and look iniside
does your heart pumps and veins subside
yes yes yes if it is so
break through all your buttons and shout
I am I am I am a fucked up guy
Punch your palm on your face and
throw your head over a stone
let your blood drip and color the stone
then sit over it and see if you begin to laugh
and then you would know for sure
that you are not just another fucked up guy
you are fucked up because you were meant to be
you could have been nothing but a fucked up guy
for no one makes a fucked up guy
he just find that he always was
just another fucked up guy

don’t trouble others don’t get lost
there are no signboards for you are no lost
you are fried just one more fucked up guy
take a trip go whichever way
jump into the sea or stand in the middle of the road
just don’t keep sitting by the sides
and you shall soon see
all you meet all you see
are people afraid of a fucked up guy
and just keep running away from them
running to where they would not be
and you shall reach a desolate corner
over a fire of straw you shall find
huddled together a curious bunch
they look soiled their teeth are dirty
but they smile alright and keep grunting
they all lokk like carrying a bundle of pain
but they all seem so happy as if devil may care
and you would find you find them so nice
you miss no one you miss nothing anymore
you sit among them and you no more realize
it is where you belong it is where you were meant to be
for this is where those live
whom the wolrd calls a fucked up guy


जब दिल टूट जाता है तो आंख हंसती है
जो रो के ना कह पायी वो हंस के कहती है

January 6, 2014

children of the dark
don’t fret, don’t fret
for the dark is not without you
it is with you
you are dark within and without
you are dark withit and without
it is part of you
it is you
it is living with you
it is traveling with you
it is becoming you
to save you from becoming you
you the fearful one
you the scarecrow one
you with blood having gone dark
you with eyes having gone blind
you with ears hearing only mindless screams
you with lips perspiring with sweat
you with not a single bone steady
you with unsteady steps
you with joints crackling at each step
you you you
you that can not exist a single moment of existence
you that can not stand a single beam of light
you that shall melt with a single drop of rain
you that shall freeze with a flash of fire
you whose throat chokes, whose nerves go awry
you whose lungs pump out only blackened ash
you whose mirror shows decade old picture
you whose skin has grown dark patches
it is you that the darkness came to serve
for the darkness knows
only the dark can save the darkness
the dark beam travels not through light
but through a shade so thick
that it filters the light out
and just know
yours is a dark destiny
for you are dark
it is not dark that is traveling with you
that is being with you
that is keeping itself with you
it is you that has turned dark
it is your own shade
that has fallen upon your former self
taking it under its hold
imprisoning it between its palm
cupping it between its fingers and the floor
from wherein it shouts
it screams and it boggles
it jumps and hangs itself over the large dark blistered fingers
it bites so hard over the edge of the palm
that the dark you had to shrug it off
and it got a chance to escape
and you ran behind it
not to catch it again
not to imprison it again
but to quash it once and once for all
to let it breath no more
to let it exist no more
for you are clever enough to know
that a clever and perseverent enemy shall not persevered with
for it shall find its chance
it shall wait till its day
and then it shall come with heavy vengeance
with a mighty carvan whose dust shall be suffice
to choke you to death
and then it shall not let you surrender
that then it shall have no mercy
and it shall slay you with one stroke of sheath
and to not let that piece of destiny exist
you shall have have to quash it right now
and you smash it between your fingers
and you rub it within your palms
and you are assured that it is no more
but it has slipped from between the dug of your fate lines
and it has made way out of you
and it is lying on the floor
its leg crippled but its soul breathing fire
and it is telling itself
that it shall bounce back
that it shall come back again
that it shall fight you one more time
and this time it shall come as mighty as you
and that you shall wait for the day
just as it does wait for the day
and I am watching you two
and waiting for that day to come
for it is in the aftermath of the day
that I shall know
which part of the destiny is mine
and till that day I shall have to
side with the dark
and live with the dark
be the dark and be within the dark
till then I shall have to be the dark spot
lying behind when all has turned bright
sitting behind leave, climbing up the tree’s bark
knowing I am not dark but I will have to be dark
and when anyone asks I have to say slyly
I am the dark I am the dark
and hoping that she can see
I am not the dark
I am sitting behind the hole in the dark
behind which there all is dark
and I am sobbing and I am crying
and I am shouting every now and then
I am the dark I am the dark
while I should be saying
I am in the dark I am in the dark
save me protect me
come and take me
for I am in the dark
but all I am able to whisper is
that I am the dark
for I have livd here for so long
that I don’t know clearly anymore
if I am in the dark
or I am the dark
I am the dark


एक मेढक की तरह कूदे
एक कुयें से दूसरे में
एक छेद से तीसरे में
कीचड़ से कबाड़ में

लोग पैदा होते हैं, लोग मर जाते हैं
सुबह पानी पीते हैं
शाम को मूत के सो जाते हैं

जाकर बड़े शहर में कौन खुद को खो दे
हम तो छोटे शह्‌र में ही खुश हैं ग़ालिब

तू ना सही तेरी जुस्तज़ू के काबिल रख
अपने दीवानों में हमको भी तू शामिल रख़
हाथ ना लग पर आंख से ना ओझल हो
मौत ना सही पर ज़िंदगी के तो क़ाबिल रख़

चंद घंटन की चाकरी और चंद हज़ार रूपये
रोटी तो स्वाद है मगर पिसाई बारीक है

सुलगती बातों के मद्धिम अहसास
ये बुझ जायेंगे इनको हवा दो
मेरी सासों में घुल रही हैं चिंगारियां
आग लग जायेगी इनको दबा दो