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August 20, 2011

Anna – a man, a mission, a movement. It’s not about him.

Anna’s Jan-Lokpal could be contentious. There could be issues against its structure and implementation. His method of protest and stiff stance could be viewed as a dangerous trend if it is seen as an attack on the parliamentary democracy.

But it is easier to defend and stand for when seen as an opposition to the Government’s Lokpal. For Government’s Lokpal is an outcome of conceit, dumb-wit and machiavellian tendencies. In short, the Government’s Lokpal more than anything shows what lies inside the mental corridors of people who are at the helm. A mind so besotted with power, corrupted by its habit and bent on increasing its hold and tentacles that it dares to openly ridicule the democracy through a bill which is supposed to do just the opposite. Sample some of the provisions it recommends,

– The officer accused of corruption will have the right to file case directly in the court, against the citizen. Government would provide lawyer to the officer. If charges are proven to be false, the citizen would be imprisoned for a minimum of two years. Minimum term for the corrupt officer? Six months. Lawyer for the citizen? None. Arrange for it

– PM would be investigated by the CBI. Who controls the CBI? PM!

– Judges would be investigated by whom? Peer judges!

– MPs would be investigated by whom? Peer MPs!

– Lokpal members: Out of 10 member committee, six would be politicians. Five of them from the ruling party!

– Lokpal members would be answerable to the Government. Only Government can file case against them in the Supreme court! Normal citizen would have no say in their selection or eviction

– Only A level senior officers would come under its ambit. State level employees, lower grade employees would stay out. To keep load on the Lokpal limited? I wish it was true. Along with A level officers, NGOs, public movements, citizen groups large and small right upto the village level groups would be under Lokpal’s ambit. So if a village group brings out corruption against the Panchayat, Lokpal would not spare the Panchayat members, BDOs etc. for he is overloaded. But he would be able to investigate the citizen group on the behest of the BDO and Panchayat members. Whose bill is it? Who is it for?

After reading above, if the thought in your mind is, okay, all right, but what’s the problem with it. Shouldn’t Government be securing its employess, then all I can say, I have nothing to say. Please don’t join the movement. Ask for an election ticket. You deserve it truly.

Anna’s Lokpal may have some technical loopholes (though I can’t see many. There can never be anything fool-proof till it is tested. And a strong system shall be able to tackle glitches as and when they arrive. It is the spirit that is important. India is rotten because of its all too perfect theoretical constitution which just never gets implemented).

There are others including Mr. Nilekani raising questions about the precedent the campaign is setting. Whether it is healthy for the democracy. Whether Lokpal is enough. My response to him is, Mr Nilekani a rotten body needs surgery. Surgey leaves marks. But it is never doubted. Campaign is not an outcome of sane mind but one buckling under an insensitive system. It is voice of a desperate, seething and stifling angry spirit ready to burst. You can not feel it, for you are far too busy securing UID for us. Thank you for that. take your time. In the meanwhile let others do what is urgent. Your fellow Mr. Murthy does not want to take public office because at 65 he is too old. Well, at 74 Anna is young. Have respect for him. He is not adept at law may be. He may not be adept at mouthing intelligent remarks. May be. But it is not even needed. For he does what needs to be done. Disruption is not a solution, it is a cure. Disruption is not the need of the hour. It is an hour of disruption. Need has long been there. There was a similar public outcry after the Taj attack. But it fizzled out. For it could never get a central leadership and think-tank. It could never get a direction and vision. This time there is. Don’t let the moment pass. For it may not come anytime soon. Those who have things to fear from it will not give it a second chance. They would be back ensuring it can never happen again. Don’t question the moment. Help shape it.

Use it to your advantage. Make it to bring changes which may else take years to come. Lives would be lost in the meanwhile. Please don’t wait anymore. We have waited long enough. Saying ‘long enough’ doesn’t seem enough though. Do something. Support us for a start. Come join the protest. With you the change may happen a little sooner. You may not be pleased to know that. But without you it may never happen. We all will regret that. Truly.