they think I am a great guy
but I am just another fucked up guy
the guy who pisses upside down
the guy who drinks water lying down
ya, ya, yep yep, you got it right
mate, you too are another fucked up guy

lets meet friend, lets become buddy
we will make a club together
you will be president and i shall be treasury
membership shall be free and you can leave anytime
for fucked up guys know it not
once u r fucked there is no going down
you are fucked up for the rest of your life
that you know it not keeps you fucked up alright
we all shall gather near the sea
we will take our pledge while we all pea

open ur shirt and look iniside
does your heart pumps and veins subside
yes yes yes if it is so
break through all your buttons and shout
I am I am I am a fucked up guy
Punch your palm on your face and
throw your head over a stone
let your blood drip and color the stone
then sit over it and see if you begin to laugh
and then you would know for sure
that you are not just another fucked up guy
you are fucked up because you were meant to be
you could have been nothing but a fucked up guy
for no one makes a fucked up guy
he just find that he always was
just another fucked up guy

don’t trouble others don’t get lost
there are no signboards for you are no lost
you are fried just one more fucked up guy
take a trip go whichever way
jump into the sea or stand in the middle of the road
just don’t keep sitting by the sides
and you shall soon see
all you meet all you see
are people afraid of a fucked up guy
and just keep running away from them
running to where they would not be
and you shall reach a desolate corner
over a fire of straw you shall find
huddled together a curious bunch
they look soiled their teeth are dirty
but they smile alright and keep grunting
they all lokk like carrying a bundle of pain
but they all seem so happy as if devil may care
and you would find you find them so nice
you miss no one you miss nothing anymore
you sit among them and you no more realize
it is where you belong it is where you were meant to be
for this is where those live
whom the wolrd calls a fucked up guy


जब दिल टूट जाता है तो आंख हंसती है
जो रो के ना कह पायी वो हंस के कहती है


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