a shivering bird
wet feathers
shrugged and flew
for the blue sky
wings spread
into the vastness

Gentle stream,
a serene pond,
simple images
an honest heart
thick green forest,
an arrow left
killed the deer

hunted and the hunter
meet in silence
faint whispers
I killed you
and shall eat you
do not dispair
you have to suffer
have to let you
let us do it
in silence

she closed her eyes
I opened mine
and stared across
the empty space
you lay next
I felt scared
didnt wake you
for I knew
we are but
shivering pigeons
trembling deer
in the cloak of


it knows
without saying
everything we know
and beyond
like the sky
where all birds fly

when you asked
the next morning
what is it
on my mind
said nothing
you said
“I am so shy”

my dear
it is so
because I know
the unsaid silence
is better than
answering your “why”

I am waiting
for you to join
where I am sitting
alone in the company
of our sweet little



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