English Poem: Rhyme and time: Version 2

is a waste of time baby
come let us live
waste no time baby

dont sit,
to brood and think
the pot is hot
drink it
before it melts baby
o’ you crazy little sissy baby

you saw the horizon
it was dawn there
sometime back o ‘baby
and if you sit long enough
it will turn to dusk baby

when the lights would be gone
there would be darkness o’ baby
and nothing you do now
would lit a candle for you o’baby
what would you do then o’baby
you weak timid stupid baby

your soul would burn
you would wreck your mind
long after it was your turn
you would think what to churn
you may write a poem
and turn it into a rhyme
by fitting it in with words
sounding similar like
i end this one with birds

it would be phony
it would be fake
your loved ones may still clap
just for your sake
you would know
like writing on the wall
you are just a bit of nothing
and you dont have a single ball
I will fill it with
a thousand splendid suns
you say?
all right
you silly baby,
but just know,
no one will still pay a dime
if you make it a rhyme
my sweet shitty baby

the hell will be right here
and would fill you with fury
you would not get any rest
it would not help
this bringing out your best
Ah! my living in a bubble baby

oh! no no
dont just cry
ok ok let me give it
well hell
another well watever kinda try,

oh yes oh yes
this is a good thing
this which you did right now
this getting up from your seat
no no dont look back
there is nothing on your seat
just keep moving
your tiny pretty feet

you can be so innocent baby

now that you are
on your own feet
you suddenly look
quite tall and elegant
and let me show you
a nice little dance
you just tap the earth
with your feet
and smile at this
stupid sound
yup yup
just turn around

the dirt will pick up
and fill your nose
dont turn your face away
dont cover it with your robe
let it get into you
and laugh if you sneeze
yup yup
you are good
my lady

let me show you
one more little magic trick
hold my hands
as we dance
and move your feet
one step at a time
look into my eyes
and just hold that smile
wow wow go on may lady

if you hold that
for a little more while
i would join you
with my broad smile
yup yup yuppie
and soon you see
we have broken into laughter
and does it now matter
if next moment life brings us
well for the sake of rhyme
let me say disaster!
one two three
and we are free

and now dont go and sit back
on your tiny old seat
dont leave me here
looking at you
while we hold yourself
and your laughter
may lady my lady

okay..oaky..be there
if you have to be
but get up
just in time
for its time to
yes my sweet nothing
let me use those
crappy sippy words
…fall in love…
yes thats what it is
lets do it
and for once
end this game of
well, rhyme and time
and all that called
nothing my baby…


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