Its a mad world. No really, I have an explanation.

Things have a strange way of connecting themselves. Sometimes they are really connected but we dont see them. Thats obvious. Often they are not but we see the connection. Not so obvious to you but obvious to everyone else. Predictable thoughts. Yes. What is not is that we live in a mad mad world. It is mad not because it lacks any order but to the contrary. We live in a world which thrives on order, on control, on perspectives, on reasoning. An event is not mad because it is but it will be if we can not find a justifiable reason for its exitence. Examples? Ofcourse. Naxals. Easy one. Mad. Not because they are blowing up CRPF personnel. Because we take notice of them only when they do. And move over it in a matter of nothing. Most of us dont blink an eye, dont stop at the main coverage beyond a few seconds or a miliseconds. They want attention, they need to keep blowing something you see. Shahrukh’s next movie is coming. That needs to be read about. Naxals? Well, its a socio-political problem and a conflict between locals left out of bourgeois economy and a democracy struggling to get them into its fold! Easy. We can uderstand it so we dont need to react to it. People are dying. So what? They do so all the time! Tribals have latest ammunition. So what? All such struggles have sympathisers and they arm them with that. May be Pakistan helps them as well. Its all very easily explanable you see. There is not much we can do you see. Its Government’s job. Does our home minister Mr. Chidambaram knows what he is doing. He should. He is well qualified you see. Even f he doesnt, elections are far you see. Give him time you see. So lets turn our head to why Kites failed! Its simply mad. There is simply no explanable for it. Hritik looked hot. So did Barbara. Direction wasnt poor too. And the technology. Awesome I say. Why the hell did it fail. Beats me. Its a mad world I tell you. You just cant gauge people’s reaction you see. No matter how much of that marketing and research gizmo you do see. There are something still out of reach for science. So much left to do you see. Fuck it. Damn it. Hang it. Whatever. Farmers commit suicide. Not one or two but thousands of them. But you see in a sane world all this is expected. Its not a mad world just because thousands of them hang themselves because producers of food can not find the same for themselves. We have an explanation for this if only you would listen to it with patience, Mr. I dont give a damn. Dont say you see. First begin to see. World needs an order no matter how unorderly it itself is. MNS threatens North Indians every now and then. Goes about breakig their vehicles and beating them up as per their wish. Sometimes it uses North Indian goons to beat up North Indian labourers. It does so because it needs to grab eyeballs and rack up an image. Congress Government lets that happen because it creates trouble for Shiv Sena which in turn is good news for them. Other regional parties from North like it because it gives them  chance to prove their loyalty and commitment towards North Indian lives by taking stance opposite to it. But you see the chief of MNS goes scott free. Also the parties committed to North Indians forget about issues pertaining to their daily livlihood, their sustenance, their right to a rightful life. Posturing comes easy. Belligerence comes easy. Diligence? Perseverance? Forget it. That is not what political parties are supposed to do. Mad you say! Not enough before you hear what the person most impacted by it has to say. The autodriver from Jharkhand. He plied me from Bandra to Kandivali today. I asked him isnt it a pain for him? Not really, he said. Mad, I thought. There are so many pain in life, what can you do about them. It is just one of many. Doesnt really count. Someone is really mad here. Cant be the world. Must be the autodriver. Uneducated he is you see. Doesnt even know what is the real issue for him. Huh! How do you really go about helping these people. Thats why you need to beat them up. Right Mr. Thakeray!


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