Randon piece

1. I tell you what. You just want to chase the stars. Dont you.
2. Sometimes I think the same. But often I don’t quite agree with myself.
1. Is it quite so? I know you hear no one but let me give you an advice. Would you listen?

2. Yes. And I do hear everyone. But I just listen to myself. Nothing else seems to work. Nothing else seem worthwhile. If failure must hit me, if success must so allude me, let others know whom to blame it for. Let there be no doubt about that atleast.
1. What good is that?

2. Who knows? What good is anything anyway? If nothing I understand I happen to like, then let me do what I don’t understand. That way I don’t even know whether to like it or not. That way there is a faint hope that I may well like it after all. And if that hope had to be vanquished after all, so be it. It will kill ti…me if nothing else. Otherwise time is killing me every second of it.

1. Hmmm…Sometimes I am worried for you, that’s all. Its not really worth it, this chasing stars. There is nothing there. Just that its far and distant and unknown…
2. I know. But I am not chasing stars. I just want to be out there for them to find me.
1. Hmmm
2. I know you don’t agree with me. But that’s okay. I don’t quite agree with myself. Often! Its not worth forming an opinion. Around me. About me.


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