i sat on my knees

in the middle of nowhere

wanting a little peace

searching for it, everywhere


slightly disarrayed

and a lot frayed

i closed my eyes

and after long, prayed


with world outside shut,

the inner soul opened

as i sank in the din

of its absolute chaos


rattled i was

with the scene i saw

but i persisted

and then i felt a thaw


from it sprang a stream

which was giggle of a little boy

with a sand watch in his hand

holding in it, the eternal time


and he moved his finger

across the sand of time

gentle stroke he made on it

everything began to rhyme


all the moments gone by, and ahead

friends, loved ones, alive and dead

they all came together and did a little jig

drank I, from this potion and made a swig


no words were there, no sense of time

like all wordly things, this too was sublime

i think i was awake but it felt like a dream

there was no sound but i heard many a scream


i felt loved i felt calm

i was like the proverbial eye

in the middle of the storm



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