Where do the fish go…

The water was still, with no waves around
Where have all the fish gone, it wondered
Have they left for the high sea
Or they all died a slow death for good
For they just disturbed the tranquility
It feels so serene, with no fish around
No fish, no waves, no nothingness
Each moment is an eternity
With each like a new one

And then came an eagle,
Hovering over the surface
Fluttering its wings, giving out a shrill cry
The stillness froze, in time and in nothingness
It became even more still, even more quiet
With its surface being out in open
As if covering with fear of being touched upon
Of losing its virginity all over again
It shivered it simmered and it looked up in trepidation
As the eagle looked down rolled its eyes
Then it looked up and away in horizon
Took a dip, touched the surface
Just deep enough to wet its feet
Shook its head, fluttered the wings
And took a flight far away
Leaving behind a small eddy

The eddy wondered, where did it come from
Whose child is it, who is to feed it
Where does it go, what does it grow into
It looked inward and found nothing
It looked up and there was nothingness
It shook itself up and rolled around
It pounced to left and then bounced to right
It stretched to its periphery then shrunk to the centre
It went up towards the sky and then down to the bottom
And soon it found many a small more
Of its own creation of its own beings
Eddies flowing around rolling and shaking
Expanding and shrinking, hitting and bouncing
And then there were they the hidden fish
Out of slumber in the morning twilight
One for each eddy one with each eddy
And they all came together in a large eddy
And it rose above as it rose together
And the eagle gave a shrill cry
this time in trepidation
fluttering its wings and covering its feet
As water came above to wet its feet again


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