The lost world and temptations

This one is a long dream. It was set up in the backdrop of my school (where I studied till class XII). It was a boarding school and I studied there for 7 years.

I see myself standing in the corridor of my hostel. It was a single story building with rooms on three side and a boundary on the fourth side.At the centre of the hostel was a badminton court. It was evening time and as usual there were many kids in the hostel compound, playing. As usual a badminton was going on with a few spectators. Other guys and gals were indulging in indoor games (Chess/ carom etc).

I stand in the corridor feeling a bit nostalgic. I am wearing a long black overcoat. Now I notice that there are more girls in the compound than there are boys. Also I find that girls are actually dominating over guys and it seems they command them. Also most of these kids were smoking and to my surprise more girls were smoking than were boys. I start wondering how time has changed. When I was in school it used to be other way around. No. of girls used to be much less and guys used to call shots. Also smoking was almost unheard of at that age.

Now, I start feeling out of place as I am not smoking. So I search in my overcoat pocket and find a thin, long cigarette in it. I take it out and start smoking slowly. I exhale puff slowly as if in a deep cognitive mood.

Now,I just feel like going to the roof of the hostel as I used to do in childhood. There were no stairs for the roof and we used to use water drainage pipe for climbing up the roof. I climb on the roof through the pipe and start looking on the school campus while standing on it.

At that time I find that my friend “Deepanjan Mukherjee” (He worked in the same software company as was I) is standing by my side. At that time we notice a bike on the gate of hostel (which is directly opposite to the side of hostel we are standing on). Mounted on the bike is a lady who is wearing black tank top and black shorts. She is also wearing a veil over her face and is also donning driving gloves. Also, she is quite hot. One thing peculiar about her was that she had two strips of small spots running down her things to her black gum boots. ( In real life a couple of days earlier I and my friend were discussing about a model’s pic, when I jokingly commented that she has a small spot on her thing so I do not like her).

Anyway, at this moment she starts her bike and makes a half round within the hostel premise thus now she is positioned directly under the side of hostel I am standing on. Thus she is no more visible to me. Next second I see her docking on the roof on the other end.(Her bike had taken a path through air to land on roof).

Me and my friend “Deepanjan” become curious of her now and start wondering about who she is. Suddenly it dawns upon us that she is one of our movie star “Mamta Kulkarni” (She was a fascination to me in adolescence days). We rush towards her. But at this time we find things around us changing. Now we find ourselves on top of a sprawling multistory building with many wings to it. Also there are many people around us of various races (Blacks, whites and like). Most of them appeared very shady and some of them were selling a white powder. They were looking uncultured ant anti-social. There were gays around and very scantily clad women pouting.

Now it struck to me that we are actually in a prostitution centre (As the scene resembled prostitution street of Amsterdam, Netherlands; where I had been a year ago in real life). Thus me and my friend conclude that the actress “mamta Kulkarni” is probably operating as prostitute here. We decide that we will go and get her. We try to search for her in the crowd but can not find her on the roof. Thus we decide to go downstairs. As we keep going down we find that crowd is thinning out with each floor. Also we can not find the actress. But we decide to keep moving down till we find her.

Now, as we are moving downstairs (the staircase was a long, circular and spiral one) we start feeling a bit curious. As the place starts feeling damp and a bit dark. Also we can no more hear sound of people from floors above. While moving down we come across a small window on the side of the staircase. We find it strange and peep into the window. What we see shocks us. We find a girl lying on a table in the center of the room with her hands and legs tied. Also there was a cloth in her mouth. She was surrounded by a few masked people who were chanting something incomprehensible.

At this moment one of them raise his hand above him and a sharp knife shines in his hand. We are petrified as it occurs to us that we are witnessing some sacrificial scene. (This whole scene had close resemblance with scene common in Phantom(the ghost who walks, I am sure you know of this character) comics which I was fan of as a kid)Now in that anxious moment we stumble upon a vessel which was lying near to us. Vessel falls on ground making big sound.

The sound alarms the masked man with knife in hand and he turns around and sees us snooping. He orders something to rest of people (In a language we can not understand). Intuitively we could figure out that he has ordered to capture and probably kill us. Thus both of us start running downstairs. As we keep running downstairs we could hear footsteps of people chasing us becoming more and more clear.

At this moment we decide to take a more quicker route. We use centre pillar of stair case as a pole and rotate ourselves around it thus directly reaching to floor below without having to travel steps. Thus we start moving down fast. But still we find that we are not able to avoid danger. Also, floors downstairs keep getting more damp, uninhabited and dark. Thus we decide to move out of the building into the wings.

We move towards a wing and crossing it we jump on next building. At this moment we could see a large city sprawling ahead of us with houses and buildings so close to each other that we could directly jump from one to another. Thus we keep jumping from one to other structure and city keeps on expanding.

End of dream (Igot up buddy..Thank GOD..!!)


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