Sublime love…

As I close my eyes
and wander in the alter world
I see many a images
I see stars
and I see them smiling
I see them moving
across the sky,
to greet one other
there I see a broken star
and then another
and then many more
and one of them
passed so close by
I could hear it whisper
I came down for you dear
and so have all others

I sitting along the beach
threw a pebble in the calm sea
and it gobbled it with glee
and then came a mighty wave
and almost wet my feet
as it splattered a few drops
across my face which slid
through my ears as if to say
thankyou my friend thankyou
for I was so hungry for so long

It was such a chill outside
I sitting close to fireplace
blew a gust in it
and it usurped as if dancing
enchanted with holy delight
there were ambers all around
and they made a purring sound
we burn ourselves for you
and its sure worth every pound
and they whished into ashes

Amazing things happen
when I think of you…………..


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