Mystery Channel…

I am working as servant in a home. Home is spacious and modern and reflects upper middle class living. There is a big drawing room in the front with several other room’s opening into it. There is a channel gate in front of the drawing room. The house is surrounded by a large boundry (similar to boundry of my college campus). Outside house there are street-shops of vegetable vendors. Inside, house is clean, tiled. there is a shoulder height cabin in the drawing room.


I am actually a spy in the house disguised as a servant. While I am standing in the drawing room I see my cousin passing by from one room to another room through the drawing room. And I realise I am spying in my cousin’s home. I am a bit surprised as to what am I actually doing here and how is my cousin linked in something that requires spying.


Soon I see a big silver car getting parked outside the main gate of the house. I go towards the car and find that a black spectacled person is sitting inside the car who lowers the window as he sees me approaching. I get into the car and am surprised to see that my module leader from erstwhile company is the person inside the car (I worked at Infosys Technologies Ltd. a software organization earlier).


He tells me that my assignment has got over and I should escape from the house. I argue that easiest way to get away is through his car. He is a trifle pained at this sugestion and explains to me that I am working as a servant in the house and escaping in a luxury car will arouse suspicion. So, I go back to the house and start looking for some precious thing so that my escape appears like a theft and run incident. I steal a necklace and a bucket of water. I take the two outside the house where a mule is parked and I escape riding on it.


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