Lost in the maze…

why it has to happen
and why this way only
it can happen many ways
but why it happens this way

I go wide and far
I go talk to the star
I go wild and crazy
and I become absolute mess

I feel it never happened before
I feel this will never happen again
I feel there is no way out of it
I feel this is going to be forever

I feel this is a new road
I never travelled before,
I do not find any trace
Of my travel on this road before

And I keep walking
As i keep talkingto myself,
to fellow travellers
but they see the end clearly
they have been on the road before

Why was I left out I ask
why have I not been here before
puzzled they look at me and say
ofcourse you have been here before…

Perplexed, I become still,
take a break and stand
without moving, contemplating
its all in all bloody confusing

I stand there as people pass by,
calling me over to move by,


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