It rained dogs…

I am standing near a railway crossing. Above the railway crossing is a road. An upward sloping pathway starts from the point of railway crossing and meets the road above.

Intersectingly the railway crossing is a road perpendicular to the road above.On this road I see a few buildings on both side. On the left hand side of road is a building ( Supposedly a hospital) and has a small gate. I cross the railway crossing and enter into the building. Here one of my batch mate and friend (Sachin Tulshyan) is sitting and preparing a report related to medical industry. Around him I can see a few more guys of my Institute.

He starts asking me a few questions related to medical industry which he requires for his report. I show my ignorance to the field. I start feeling a bit disappointed as I am not of any help to him. Beside my friend there is a girl who is also our batch mate. She tells my friend Sachin that she has a Doctor boy friend who can help him. She calls her boyfriend and starts asking him questions that Sachin requires. Now, I start feeling out of place and move out of the building.

Outside the building I see a bus stop where a few people are standing, waiting for the bus. One bus arrives at the spot and a middle-aged woman who has also been waiting for the bus starts asking fellow people whether bus goes to Gurdaspur (A city in western state of Punjab in India. This woman is plump, bulky and Punjabi. She speaks the regional language of Punjab. The person tells her that the bus indeed goes to Gurdaspur. On this the woman says, You did not understand the question. What I mean is whether this bus goes to exact Gurdaspur or to some place little ahead or earlier to Gurdaspur., It goes exactly to Gurdaspur, the man replies. I am amused by this conversation which I amply express through my body language. I nod my head side-ways, smile with myself as if saying “Poor chap, got struck at the wrong place”.

Now I start moving back to the Railway crossing. I start moving up the upward sloping path (Which I have described in the first passage). It comes to my mind that there is a road side cloth market on the road above the Railway crossing. I start wondering if I should purchase a t-shirt from there.

On the upward sloping path there are few stray dogs and also a few monkeys. Now these dogs start forcing me to take a decision regarding buying cloths. Now, I start feeling hassled by coaxing of dogs into making me buy cloths, and it gets amply evident in my facial grimaces. Now dogs more or less start chasing me, I start running up the pathway and after a while make a jump towards the left side of the road, thus dodging the dogs who keep moving straight thus passing me by. Now all this is being watched by a big bully monkey who is standing at a distance from me on the upward sloping pathway . He is also in the similar business as were dogs. He is infuriated at my guile (shown in deceiving the dogs) and starts galloping towards me. I stand on the road still looking straight toward the galloping monkey. This monkey is long, big and ugly. His face is similar to Bulldog and he has a wide square grin with all his big teeth getting displayed.

Anyway, as the monkey comes near to me, I pull the slinger bag from my shoulder and hit the monkey with it with full force. The monkey hurls back flying in air. As I stand watching the monkey flying in air I am filled with a bit of apprehension on what might be reaction of other dogs and monkeys who might have witnessed the scene.

All this is being seen by a street urchin. He is dark, shabby and dirty. He gives a look to the monkey and then looks toward me. I am unable to understand the look at the urchin’s face and am a little puzzled. At this moment the urchin starts running towards me and I sense animosity in his eyes and start running away from him( i.e. down the upward sloping pathway).

As I keep running downward, I reach the Railway crossing once again. As I find there is no way further to go, I stop and decide to face the urchin. I ask him, why is he chasing me. Why is he so concerned about a monkey. The urchin replies ” You do not understand. Its a matter of principles to me.” (Urchin makes this reply in English language). I am further puzzled at this reply. End of dream ( I got up at this moment).


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