In pursuit of something (WIP)…

Friends, below are tit-bits of a story which is cooking in my head. I am not sure at the moment how these seemingly discreet parts will come together. Your comments on them could actually be quite useful. The cast is based on a set of friends from IIMA days,

In order of appearance……..
Pinky = Heavent Malhotra
Betaal = Vi(Bi)shnoo Mittal
Fondle = Vivek Kumar Agarwal
He held the gun using both of his hands and pointed at him. He didn’t wince. He refitted his fingers around the trigger as his mouth got filled with spit. Sweat had begun to pour down his temple as it reached his eyes. His face tightened and his eyes closed as sweat entered it. His hands shook up and down along with the gun. One, two and fire, fire, fire. Still… sound..deafening silence. He quickly opened his eyes and closed it again. His face straightened and eased. He opened his eyes, wiped sweat off it with his arm and re-pointed the gun. He could hear the sounds once again and could see everything clearly now. His left a heavy sigh and fire, fire, fire.

The heat was blazing. Pinky looked up towards the sky. The sun-light was getting filtered through the tall and dense trees of Amazon.
Imagine what it would have been like if there were no tree, said Betaal as he stood next to Pinky and began looking up with him.
Pinky ignored Betaal and kept looking up. I mean what intensity of heat. Despite dense trees we are almost sweating. Think what could have happened without them, Betaal continued.
It is not about the trees Betaal. You do not get it, said Pinky, finally looking away from the sun and fixing his gaze in the far away horizon.
Betaal looked up at the sun once again and then followed Pinky’s gaze but couldn’t find anything of interest at its end. He finally decided to quit getting into a conversation with Pinky and moved towards their make-shift hut.

He entered the hut and found that it was still the same way he had left a couple of hours before. Something had begun to irritate him. He came out of the hut fuming and called out to Pinky.
Have you seen Fondle. Where is that idiot. I had asked him to put a few more woods inside the hearth. Pinky, still lost in his reverie, noticed Betaal’s shout. He looked in his direction but his eyes were still looking beyond him. For a moment Betaal felt that Pinky is going to say something but soon his hope faded as Pinky nodded his head sideways and began moving away from the hut towards the deeper part of forest.
Splash, came a sound from behind Betaal. What the hell is happening, he thought. Who could make that sound. Has someone followed us here? For a moment he thought of calling upon Pinky but quickly decided against it. He brought out his gun from his pocket and loaded a magazine in it as he began to trace the sound. Splash, there was one more of it. Betaal, now panicking, decided against facing the source of sound. The sound was coming from behind the hut. A large tree stood between him and the tree. Its branches went well beyond the hut. He stuffed the gun in his trouser and began climbing the tree. He climbed it and moved on one of its branch. He was now on the other end of the hut. He could see someone standing close to the hut with his back towards him. He couldn’t see very clearly due to the other tree branches blocking his view. The stranger was not moving as if trying to listen something. What the hell, what the hell, what the hell. Who the hell could follow us here. Bloody bugger this is not a good beginning. But what the hell. If I can not handle this, we should have come on this trail. Betaal readied himself for what could follow and loaded his gun. He pressed the trigger slightly and could almost feel the bullet muzzling inside it stifling to come out. He took his position and stood on the branch. He gave himself a slight push and jumped.
He began running towards the intruder as soon as he touched the ground. Before the intruder could understand anything Betaal was all over him. He threw him down and leaped over him. He hardly gave any time to him to react. He held his arm and twisted him on his back and with other hand he pointed the gun on the back of his head.
Stay like that, who are you? What were you looking for here? Who ahs sent you? Who the hell are you?, Betaal threw a flurry of questions at him as the intruder failed to react and was obviously taken aback by this sudden attack.

His voice choked and he tried to move his head as Betaal held it in his hand and put it still. His face had tightened and blood had shot in his eyes. The usual smile of his had given way to a tight grinning of teeth. Something within wanted him to explode and pull the trigger. Familiar scenes had begun to float in his head. He could hear a mob of hundred people pounding the door of his house with their fists. He was running scared and had closed his ears but the sound refused to fade away. He could still hear those sounds. They were filling up his head right now as his finger on trigger was getting tightened. He hated intruders. He hated people who entered his territory. He hated anyone who encroached upon his land. He had no mercy for them. He couldn’t do anything to them then but he had promised to himself that no one will ever dare threaten what is mine.


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