Grave of a stranger I knew so well…

I thot I knew him,
that he is all that
and nothing more
and he is perfect
and that little
impishness of his
makes him even
more endearing
that he doesnt care
what happens to him
nor of what happens
to one he knows
or to ones who know him

I thot he wont change
i thot he is perennial
i wondered why
is he like
what he is
bcoz he is supposed
to be like that
and the little imp
smiled so wickedly
and friend
i just wanna be
this way coz
its the only way..!!

and one day
when we visited
a graveyard having
a fresh grave
he stopped by
and wondered
why it so very fits
his size
and suddenly all
his impishness
drained out of him
he looked at me
with never before
as i looked at him
confused, surprised
is it the same face
i have seen so
many times
and wondered..
and i was wondering
even more right now
as he said..friend
everything happens
with a purpose
and so is this grave
and he slipped into it
slowly his knees
touched the ground
and then his hands
as his head bowed
so did two set of tears

these tears are for u
for I lied to you
all the time
i was what i was
not bcoz thats
the only way
but the easy way,
i cudnt face
the reality
that i so very
hated myself
but i persisted
for i cud not bear
u knowing of it
so i thot i was
fooling u
but inturn
i was escaping me
and now its all over
and two more set
of blood was shed
and this is for myself
for the me which
cud never cum out
who is going to die
today with me
without getting born
and am not sad for me
for i have lived
my life but for him
for he will never know
what he has missed
and he spread all over
the grave, as wind blew
and shrouded it with earth…..


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