End of world

When World is coming to an end
When U know there is no tomorow
When There Is Nothing Left To Lose
For U Have Lost All Already,
When There Is No Fear, To be Conquered,
When All Wordly Affairs Lose Their Sheen,
Then Comes Forth The Heart
And Becomes The Man’s Raining Queen ..
Today..Yes Today, I Feel The Same,
Fearless As A naked Monk,
Walking On This Lonely Road,
When All Sounds Are getting dimmed
When All Figures Are Getting Slimmed,
I Can Hear The Distant Bell,
Coming From My Heart’s Well…
I Can Here Its Incessant Cry,
I Can Listen Its Inveterate Crave,
For It Had Never been So Grave,
And What I Hear Is Here For All,


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