A Wondeful Lie

(It was written as a Post on Juice Notice Board – Official trash box at IIMA)

It all started the day I was born ..
Yes it all started right there..
A fakir passing by glanced upon me,
and remarked “Iska Kuchh Kho gaya Hai”
So I was named “Khoya”…
and since then..
“main kabhi chain se nahin soya”

With the passage of time
I grew to find that I am to find something
that destiny has taken something from me
and hid it in some treasure for me to explore
to find the metal from the ore
to find the truth out of fake galore
I got enrolled into school
and on very first day I lost my tiffin box ..
and my cute teacher remarked
“Beta ( :(((( ) , kya hua …
u r looking worried ..
and the little idiot girl next to me said
“Iska Kuchh kho gaya hai” !!!

As I kept bumping from one class to another
I kept losing some or more of one or more things
kabhi marks , kabhi socks ,
kabhi key “to” kabhi locks
I kept my search on from rocks to rocks!!

amidst all this chaos ,
my only solace
was the movie “Ram aur Shyaam”..
the original khoya-paya movie ..
I watched it once,twice,thrice till power failed
and formulated a theory
“Whatever is lost must be found”
thus lost = found
how does that sound ..?????

Soon I moved to college from school
and found myself amidst several beautiful “phools”
and I plucked a bud which colored red
and proposed to girl under the shed
and my friends remarked
“Iska kuchh kho gaya hai” (“Dil” / Character)
the journey continued and in the rubble
I kept losing something of me…
till I lost it all..
yes one fine day I found I have lost my vision
my reason for existence ..
my search ..
what was it that the fakir has said
what was it that kept happening to me..
I forgot it all and time skipped a few “saal”

a vision lost is a man lost..
and so was I as if sun in a deep frost ..
i was to be this way forever..
till some thing happened to me..
walking along the aisle of @@@ by the corner of my eye,
with a smile ever so shy ..
I saw..I saw..I saw..reason of all why..

I saw U..
and I knew..
why I kept losing a little of me every day
why..why..I felt its all worth it..
for u were embodied with all that I had lost ..
the childhood charm,
the teen enthusiasm ..
the coy smile..
like serene river of nile ..
it was all there and more
like a manicured pile ..
And I stood there for a long while ..
and standing I still am..
to bring to end this destiny’s game ..
as i declare.. @@@@@@ ,
u r the one !!!!


One Comment to “A Wondeful Lie”

  1. You are lost yet found by someone. I am not another one saying like that. Its just the rhythum you have put. Very nice and i appreciate what you said. Losing vision is noting but a horrible death.

    Everything happens for a good reason.

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