A passage through heart…

my heart
is a maze of caves
its dark, its long
its criss crossed
many live there
and i dont know
many visit it
and dont stay
many more are there
and homage they pay

i am wandering in them
tracing lanes
finding remnants
of what once was
a synagogue…
and met several faces
floating in thin air
they smiled at me
i replied back
and they vanished
from where they came,
thin air..

i kept moving
one to another,
it became
dim to darker,
with eack step
it grew starker
and I had never
been there before
who all live there
i was not so sure
along i saw
a glitter of light
what happened to be
a pond of love
and i sat beside
who filled it,
and sudenly i felt
i am too tired,
and i fell asleep
over the corner
dreaming of faces
i had never met before,
they were playing
in a small field
and calling upon me
to join them in it
as i sat over the fence,
i raised my small hand
they were far off
they raised their hand
it was still short
the hands stretched
to hold one-another
and we kept getting thinner
till it all turned into smoke
and i woke up
to reality to find
it was all just that
smoke of thin air
and i felt
pang somewhere
near chest,
but strangely
all across my face
all i had
was a serene smile……………


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